Best Tips for Living Room Storage 2014 Ideas

Ready to rekindle the love with your home? Make any room beautiful and functional with this roundup of buzzworthy updates and designer secrets. Whether you're planning a major spruce up or simply window shopping, you'll love these ideas to try in 2014!

 Cut clutter in your living room with these 10 easy tips for storage and organization.

Triple Threat : Buy once, use thrice. This console table is not only within arm’s reach of both chairs in this living room, it also comes equipped with storage shelves and drawers, giving it a triple purpose.

Keep Books Orderly : Give presence to shelves of books with decorative objects. Place pretty bowls, jars, or statuary between rows of books to keep them upright and to add panache to utilitarian storage.

Tuck It Away : If your living room hosts both playdates and coffee dates, hide the evidence of the former with oversize baskets and hampers. Round up toys and books into the containers and tuck behind a couch or chair during grown-up events, allowing for easy access during the next play session.

Built-In Storage : Splurge on a bank of built-ins for optimal storage. Mix and match fronts for a varied look. Consider glass-front doors, open shelves, and basic paneled doors and drawers to make built-ins feel less massive in a living room.

Integrate with Your Decor : Hide clutter by integrating storage with your decorating style. Corral odds and ends into containers that flow with your style, such as wicker baskets for cottage theme spaces, colorful metal bins for contemporary living rooms, or carved wood boxes for traditional rooms.

On the Go : For projects or items that move from room to room, invest in easy to carry baskets with sturdy handles. Stock a basket with your reading materials or your current craft project so you can be on the go and have everything in one place.

Seamless Storage : Make your storage look like the rest of your decor, and you’ll have a hard time telling the difference between hardworking organization and the living room’s design style. Use boxes and bins that mesh with your living room’s color scheme or an ottoman that coordinates with the sofa’s upholstery.

Lost & Found : Give each family a designated bin for the living room. When one of their possessions is left in the room, simply slide it into the bin. Then, when the bin is full, it’s that person’s responsibility to put their possessions in their rightful place.

Concealed Storage : When a formal living room needs to be tapped for extra storage space, maintain your space's style with a clever facade. Drape a skirt or tablecloth over a side table, tuck your storage beneath the table, and no one will be the wiser.

Tray Trick : Use shallow trays to corral coffee table treasures. Trinkets and necessities, such as remotes, will look more orderly when organized on a tray.

2014 Stylish Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom lighting can illuminate the darkest spaces or add a subtle, calming sparkle. You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!

Crystal Chandelier : Crystal Sconces
In this luxurious bathroom, a crystal chandelier takes center stage, adding glamour and sparkle to the traditional decor.

Antique Sconces : Antique sconces hang above the oversize mirror and add unexpected flair to the light and bright bathroom. The dark finish on the light fixtures adds weight to the room and helps unify the dark legs of the chair and the cabinet hardware. Their position above the vanity also provides task lighting for makeup application and grooming.

Work of Art : The organic shape of this blown glass light fixture works well in the contemporary style bathroom. Modern spaces can feel cold and be full of hard edges, but the round globes on the light fixture and the hand-shape towel hooks in this bathroom add a touch of playfulness.

Candlestick Sconces : Candlestick wall sconces, ornate details, and custom-glazed cabinets are a nod to country French style. Keep in mind that decorative fixtures add flair, but you'll want to ensure that you have another source of light, such as an overhead fixture or recessed lighting, to provide ample illumination for applying makeup and grooming.

Light Tubes : Streamlined tube lights enhance this sleek bath vanity while providing soft light. Try multiple light switches in the bathroom so you can customize the amount of light. Flip one switch to turn on only the overhead lights, and flip the other switch when you need more precise lighting at the vanity.

Lamp Sconces : Classic lamp sconces add to the romantic feel of this 1920s style bathroom. The white shades diffuse the glow of the lightbulbs and help to soften the light.

Old-World Lanterns : The ornate styling of these iron lanterns hanging over the vanity is a work of art. Add the curved architecture of the ceiling and detailed craftsmanship on the vanity and there's no doubt: This small bathroom is fit for royalty.

Indoor-Outdoor Lighting Fixtures : Wall mount lighting fixtures seem to float in this ethereal bathroom. The rounded lights echo curved shapes found elsewhere in the bath and nod to the styling of vintage exterior porch lights.

Layered Lighting : Lighting in a bathroom is paramount, so layering the types of light produces the best results. In this bath, the combination of overhead light from the chandelier, natural light from the windows, and light from the fixtures above the mirrors covers all of the lighting needs.

Crystal Bathroom Lighting : In this elegant bathroom, delicate light fixtures were chosen to interject a counterpoint to weighty cabinetry. A finely detailed crystal chandelier crowns the space, while a trio of sparkly sconces mounted directly on mirrors creates a dazzling show of reflections.

Colored Shades : Add color with the lampshades in your bathroom for an easy and inexpensive way to update the space. Dark-color shades will block a lot of light, so stick to light colors to maximize illumination.

Backlit Beauty : A large mirror framed in onyx is lit from behind, casting a warm glow on the opulent master bathroom.

2014 Luxury Bedrooms Curtains Designs Ideas

The bedroom curtains are a functional as well as decorative accessory for the bedroom. A right bedroom curtain makes the room look grand and impressive. The interior and decoration directly impacts the overall feel of the bedroom, so they should be given special attention.
Bedroom curtains are very important as they not only add to the rooms but also help in controlling the amount of light that get in. Bedroom curtains give privacy and keep the disturbance due to unwanted things, out of the room. But every bedroom deserves beautiful window curtains.
Bedroom curtains don’t need to be something which just keeps out the light so you can get a good night’s sleep , but they can also be a piece of art that you might want to display on your bedroom. Today there is a great variety available in bedroom curtains including pleated, layered, sheer, or swag style etc. that it can get a bit mind boggling. Start by deciding what you really want; it could be a romantic or mystic atmosphere, or privacy, or you may simply want to foster feelings of relaxation in the bedroom.
Once you have made up your mind as to what you want then you can go in for colors and styles to suit the decor of the room. The bedroom is a room where you can be yourself so it’s great if the whole d├ęcor makes you feel relaxed and happy.
Here are some tips and ideas for gorgeous bedroom curtains with pictures : - 
First thing you need to do is to measure the length and width of the window or the wall you want to cover in your bedroom.
If you need floor length curtains then you can measure the length of the wall and decide the width after deciding the area you want to cover.

You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!

New Contemporary Coffee Tables Designs 2014 Ideas

From traditional to modern, a coffee table is part of a beautiful and inviting living room. look at this extensive collection of furniture to find a coffee table that expresses your personal style and suits your lifestyle. Wood or metal tables provide usable space for eating while watching television. Upholstered options are great for kicking up your feet and relaxing.

You'll love these new designs to try in 2014! I hope you find it useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!