Educational Interior Design | Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service | New York University | New York | SubenDougherty Architecture + Design

The new home for the NYU Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service occupies 2 floors, approximating 46,000 square feet, in the Puck Building, a commanding landmark in Soho and one of the city’s true architectural gems. The building’s open floors presented SubenDougherty with a uniquely challenging interior and spectacular open loft space filled with exquisite architectural vestiges of its 1860-1880 origins, yet they offered a minimum of existing usable infrastructure and two masonry bearing walls, that run perpendicular to the length of the building, divide each floor into three distinct zones.

The ultimate architectural challenge was to delicately weave the school’s complex program into this extraordinary space and not compromise the Puck’s signature openness........more

Retail Interior Design | Endless Spirit | Chadstone Shopping Centre | Victoria | Australia | BKK

Endless Spirit attempts to create a symbiotic relationship between the clothing and the fit out. There are no fixed internal walls; instead a continuous curtain element defines the change rooms and the entirety of the store’s internal skin. Formal arrangement and materiality are used to establish a clear language that can be reapplied at other outlets. The display pods are transportable and can be reconfigured for various uses........more

Japanese Cafe Interior Design | Egg Sake Bistro | University of Melbourne Union | Australia | Architects EAT

A 150m2 Japanese canteen fit out located on the basement level of University of Melbourne Union building. It consists of 2 plywood boxes which are strategically placed to create circulation around the counter displays. Alike Japanese food stalls, the ‘theatre of cooking’ opens out to the public, hence we can see the chef steaming and grilling – with an abundance of steam pouring out of the large operable window.......more

Restaurant Interior Design | Twister Restaurant | Serghii Makhno + Vasiliy Butenko

Design team of Serghii Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko have completed the interior for a restaurant in Kiev, where you can fell like baby bird while drinking cocktail or have a dinner at tornado top. This restaurant can be classed as modern European and offers a molecular kitchen style dishes. The main aim while designing this restaurant space was to create an environment that is natural, modern and comfortable.This restaurant features two areas: a two-storeyed dining section and relaxing bar area.Two-storeyed dining section was inspired by two natural phenomenas: tornado and rain. The space features six tornado shape balconies which create one dynamical upper zone with five dining cells........more

Restaurant Interior Design | Maximiliano | Los Angeles | Freeland Buck

An Italian restaurant and pizzeria for chef Andre Guerrero, Maximilano is atmospherically distinct; a dynamic triangular space infused with color and evocative of the rich and refined menu. A large mural on the large south wall creates a strong graphic and spatial identity. The rhythm of embossed white stripes shifts from evenly parallel at the ceiling to randomly wavy at the seats, giving a gravitational weight to the wall and emitting vibrant color and pattern. Descending over a door to the patio is a deep porous soffit that undulates over the bar, filtering natural and artificial light and housing the restaurants wine collection.........more

Corporate Office Interior Design | Ogilvy Group | London | Henley Halebrown Rorrison Architects

At 5,300sqm the pair of football pitch-sized floor plates in Canary Wharf required a dynamic solution which was able to address problems with navigation as well as overcoming some of the deepest plans in Europe.

Having moved from Central London 10 years earlier, Ogilvy & Mather's current layout had developed in an ad-hoc manner resulting in highly segregated departments linked by unintelligible circulation, leaving staff inclined to stay near their desk rather than venture into 'alien' territory.....more

Cafe Interior Design | Late Night Cafe + Bar | London | jak studio

Being a London based practice the mixture of cultures in this city is always fascinating, and Andrae the owner of Petri late night bar and café was keen to bottle it. As an interior brief it had its challenges, the bar was to be a flexible space designed to accommodate sophisticated after work drinkers, diners, and late night clubbers.
Yet the space had been derelict for several years, so the budget and time was tight. With this in mind we designed it as a raw, bold space yet still warm and full of life and colour..........more

Corporate Interior Design | JanSport Corporate Headquarters | San Leandro | California | Rapt Studio

Relocating from their Wisconsin home to the bay area, JanSport wished to retain a meaningful connection to their “rural” roots while supporting an aggressive expansion of their product offerings and a re-energizing of their corporate image. Rapt Studio’s task? To deliver a project that inspired its inhabitants, that reenergized the brand, and that came in within a tight budget and tighter schedule. The Rapt design team utilized a strategy guided by sustainable practices—a minimum of materials were actually brought onto the site and as much of the existing building was reused and exploited in order to accomplish the final result. This strategy included the polishing of existing concrete flooring wherever possible, the installation of ceilings only in areas with acoustic concerns, the utilization of salvaged wood products for the development of high-touch public spaces and the reuse of existing office construction wherever possible........more

Exhibition Stand Design | Construmat 2005 | Ferrolan Lab

The idea was to create bathroom environments showing different possibilities of ceramics in the bathroom. Resolved bitten with two buckets on street corners, looking for prospects impossible to stop inside view from different points of view and you were invited to enter...............more

Apartment Interior Design | ABC Pod | Ras Beirut | Lebanon | Polypod

ABC Pod is a small bachelor pad in Beirut. Two 'salons' are fused by a white curtain to form one unified pod nestled within the rest of the unit. The project was designed remotely from Boston while the client improvised within the design's guidelines......more

Exhibition Interior Design | Enzo Ferrari House Exhibition | Modena | Italy | Shiro Studio

Andrea Morgante was commissioned in 2010 by “Fondazione Enzo Ferrari” to design a permanent exhibition inside Ferrari’s birthplace house. The building, constructed in 1830 by Ferrari’s father, served as a workshop and residence for the Ferrari Family until 1920. The display system was conceived as a large-scale vertical book that allows the visitor to read the different chapters of Ferrari’s life through various media; a three-dimensional immersive biography. The system takes the form of a sinuous wall separated into pages, so that as visitors progress down the room, they are obliged to gradually discover each page and chapter in sequence. At every point the next chapter is concealed so as to maintain interest and create a sense of excitement. This organic landscape stretches through the entire length of the 40 metre long space and soft, low-level backlighting gently illuminates both it and the room, making the space intimate in spite of its size........more

Restaurant Interior Design | Dishoom | London | Afroditi Krassa

Rather than looking into some of the blunt, contemporary architectural offerings of Bombay, the studio drew from the city’s rich past and the honest, resourceful and functional interiors that have developed throughout its chequered history. Old and fading Irani cafés, street stalls and other down-to-earth eateries, all perfect examples of an unexpected and classic Bombay charm, provided the design direction. The logotype pays respect to classic fonts, old school vignettes and the visual appeal of Hindi. The interiors combine elegant, sophisticated and simple lines with an influence from Bombay’s art deco past. The checkerboard tiles, oak panelling, white Carrara marble topped tables and mismatched chairs create a relaxed, democratic café style space, in keeping with the food offering. A strict, monochromatic colour palette has been used throughout; in combination with retro Bombay portraiture and 60s graphical, pop imagery. Subtly exotic and classically urban, Dishoom is a far cry from UK Indian restaurants, avoiding all expected clichés that come hand in hand with the territory, yet respecting the overlooked beauty of everyday India..........more

Cafe Interior Design | Salon B | Bibliocafé and Art Gallery | Montréal | Canada | Naturehumaine

On the right side, a huge table gives people the chance to get together, chat and talk. Behind, on display for curious clients, are books that are ready to be taken from the shelves, then read or skimmed through.
On the left side, bare walls are waiting to be adorned by art pieces: an empty space ideal for contemplation. Facing each other, books and art pieces are engaged in a dialogue.
On the street side, a huge picture window has been set in an alcove, so clients can enjoy the sun while reading a book, comfortably seated, or looking at the people strolling on St-Laurent Boulevard......more

Cafe Interior Design | Cafe Vue | Melbourne International Airport | Elenberg Fraser

Café Vue @ Melbourne International Airport is designed to create a unique moment of natural beauty and serenity within the fast and artificial experience of modern international travel. Similar to Shannon Bennett’s exquisite menu, the interior design concept is drawn from French culture, with the life of Marie Antoinette at the Palace of Versailles re-invented in a commercial contemporary interior rich in detail, pattern and artistry. The Café is experienced as a bright contemporary garden folly within the huge volume of the new Melbourne International Terminal hall and brings a new quality of experience and place connected to history, culture and the natural garden environment. Shannon’s concept of the ‘take-away’ airline food box also enables customers to take the experience and memory of the Café with them on their travels. ..........more