2014 Stylish Stone Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Stone countertops are durable and versatile. Browse this collection of our favorite materials from high end granite to vintage style soapstone to find the right one to install in your kitchen.

You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!

Granite Options : Granite countertops add a rich, natural look to your kitchen. Granite is popular because it provides a virtually maintenance free and scratch , stain , and heat resistant option after it’s been sealed. Plus, it comes in a great variety of color and veining options.

Stone Shopping Tips : Stone naturally varies in color and pattern, so make sure you pick one to coordinate with your kitchen. Try taking a large sample back to your house to see how it fits your space, instead of relying on a small piece. Then double check the exact slab you're buying to guarantee you like the look before you make the purchase.

Simple and Subtle Style : Quartz surfacing makes an ideal countertop for this modern kitchen. The matte, uniform look is simple yet sophisticated, and it's a low maintenance alternative to natural stone. The gray green tint adds subtle color to the room as well.

Muted Texture : This seagrass limestone countertop brings texture and visual interest to the muted color palette of this kitchen. The subtle speckles and veining tie in the light color with the green backsplash.

Soapstone Sophistication : This soapstone countertop beautifully contrasts the crisp white cabinetry and marble backsplash. The combination of dark matte countertops with the sleek white color palette gives the kitchen a sophisticated look.

Popular Quartz : Quartz is probably the most common type of engineered stone countertop. This island is topped with quartz surfacing, which bridges the gap between the light features of the room and the dark stained wood.

Add Color with Stone : Caramel color limestone warms up this white kitchen. This colorful addition to the room is both practical and stylish, and it adds a casual look to the traditional limestone countertop.

Color-Scheme Countertop : The color scheme for this kitchen is based off the granite countertops throughout the room. Dusty lavender and organic brown undertones are speckled in the granite, producing a neutral color scheme with timeless style.

Customizable Concrete : Concrete countertops can be customized to the ideal color and thickness for any kitchen. These countertops were slightly tinted to complement the pine-paneled walls and dark maple floors, giving the room a cohesive look.

Faux Stone : Want to get the stone-countertop look but on a tight budget? Solid surfacing comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and it can give your kitchen the look of more expensive materials like stone for a much lower price.

Glossy Finish : A 3-inch thick black granite countertop is the perfect stone to contrast the back painted glass backsplash. The smooth, glossy finish of the granite transitions almost seamlessly to the backsplash, giving the kitchen a sleek and modern look.

Dark Marble : Marble takes on a darker look in this kitchen. An elegant Pietra del Cardosa marble countertop on the island provides a handsome work space, perfect for quick cleanup after meal preparation. The 2-1/2-inch thick marble matches the profile of the stainless-steel countertops around the perimeter of the room.

Aged Character : Flamed granite countertops have a distinct texture that gives them a timeworn look. This aged character adds to a rugged, country style in the kitchen. The speckles in the stone add texture and variety to a space.

Functional Surface : Black granite countertops provide a simple, solid surface in this kitchen. More colorful, elaborate details are found in the kitchen's slate tile backsplash, so the granite countertops are the perfect subdued countertpoint.

2014 Tips for Small Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

These are tips for creating a serene and relaxing bedroom . Keep it neutral . There are more neutrals out there than just white. Variations of beige, gray, putty, stone. The benefits of going neutral are that it's not gender specific and creates a wonderful backdrop for everybody. Another tip is to choose a fabric you love and use it in a big way on the curtains, on the duvet, and the pillow shams. And what this does is creates interest without overwhelming a room.
Give the room another function. A great idea is to put a desk instead of a night stand and it gives you a little workspace or even just a bench to put at the bed. So guys, this is not rocket science. You can do this at home too. Put a neutral on the walls, take a great fabric that you love and use it in a big way, and then give the room another function, but it still makes it really pretty.

You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!

2014 Bright Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

Often the difference between a utilitarian kitchen and one that's the heart of the home is well planned lighting. Top experts share what's gorgeous and trendy in luxury kitchen lighting.

By : Melissa Macron from HGTV

Pendant Perfection : Most frequently seen over an island workspace, pendant lights are as striking as they are practical. The pair here is "clean, classic and timeless. The brushed nickel finish and clean design of these striking pendants add a 'wow' factor, combining the best of form and function," says Kim Mager, Marketing Director at Hinkley Lighting.

Love Those Layers : "Layering light is a technique that is often used in dining rooms or living rooms but, until recently, wasn't utilized in the kitchen," says Mager. "Now kitchens have become the hub of the home, being used for socializing, eating and entertaining, as well as homework stations or home offices."

"Layering light is the best way to provide task as well as ambient lighting," advises Mager, "striking just the right balance between function and mood." This farmhouse-style kitchen includes a pared-down chandelier and matching sconces to "complete a cohesive, stylish environment where you want to spend time, regardless of whether it's for relaxation or entertaining," according to Mager. Photo courtesy of Hinkley Lighting.

Create Dimension : "Layered lighting can be used to supplement the intensity of light or to overlap fields of light, creating interesting shadows [and] manipulating the dimension of areas the light is directed toward," explains Serra. "Lighting, when layered, [can add] a wonderful dimension of shadows and color to feature and enhance natural characteristics of woods, stones and metals.

In many kitchen designs, a focal point is a prominent feature of the space and lighting can immediately focus attention to one or more special areas to guide the eye into the design." Here, recessed lighting, accent lighting, over-counter task lighting and pendants work together for a welcoming, warm result. Photo courtesy of Susan Serra.

Keeping It Together : "Upscale kitchen lighting must be beautifully designed. Its form and proportion should be scaled properly to the space. The size of a fixture should not be too small, especially over a table, as luxury often is communicated by size," recommends Serra. "The style of a lighting fixture should complement the decor of the kitchen and surrounding rooms. It should also relate, but does not have to match, the finish of other fixtures," she adds. Here, the clean, warm lines of this kitchen are echoed in the mission-style pendants and matching fixture above the window. Photo courtesy of Susan Serra.

Outside the Box : When it comes choosing light fixtures for a dream kitchen, some "rules" are made to be broken. "I do believe that any style of lighting has a place in the kitchen," Serra says, "whether in a fabulous breakfast room or in the center of a kitchen work area."

 "These contemporary pendants are actually made for outdoor use," reveals Mager, "but they are so modern and chic, they look just as fabulous inside. The seedy glass and minimalist, stem-hung design adds an urban edge while providing excellent task lighting that reduces eye strain while preparing a meal or doing homework at a kitchen island." Photo courtesy of Hinkley Lighting.

Totally On-Trend : The trendiest fixtures today express strong visual design statements. "Lighting that makes a statement is now," enthuses Serra. "Oversized fixtures [make for a] bold entrance into the kitchen. Simple shapes, often with heavy textures, vintage styles and Edison-style bulbs are all saying, ‘Look at me!'" Mager shares, "If you want to update your kitchen lighting, think about adding one of the hottest trends in lighting design: a linear chandelier. Not only will it provide more light, it adds a dramatic and stylish focal point to the room, immediately upgrading the overall design and elegance of the room." Photo courtesy of Hinkley Lighting.

Art of the Matter : "Hand blown glass is popular, as its wonderful imperfections and artisan elements add warmth to any kitchen," says Serra. The gorgeous cobalt glass pendants here add a pop of color and unique appeal to a contemporary setting. "Natural materials in lighting fixtures such as reclaimed wood and distressed metals also add that authentic element we crave. Imperfections are desired and coveted in context, of course!" Serra says.

 A side note on pendant fixtures, Serra adds, "I love layered pendant lighting groupings of pendants set at different heights, creating a singular form. I also like multiple pendants placed close together, say, four to six across an island. It is simple yet makes a strong design statement." Photo courtesy of Susan Serra.

Strike Your Fancy : According the Serra, the dreamiest, most upscale kitchens today are likely to feature some distinguishing elements: "Innovative designs, first and foremost, will clearly differentiate truly fabulous lighting from the rest," she says. "Quality materials with quality finishes further differentiate the upscale from the ordinary. In addition, it is often the details the small crystal ball, nickel chain, hand blown glass, luxury fabric, reclaimed wood that clearly communicates quality as well as authenticity. Chandeliers featuring waterfalls of crystals, pieces of luxury metals, feathers and fabric add both strong texture and luxury to a room. Here clean, modern pendants light the island, while a classic crystal chandelier graces the dining area. Photo courtesy of Susan Serra.

2014 Casual Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

There’s something about timeless white furniture that makes us all fall in love, Whether you’re crazy about a tranquil beachy atmosphere or simply looking to brighten up your bedroom, this collection’s crisp white finish and casual flair possess all the sophisticated charm you need just look at the plank style, sleigh headboard and nickel accented hardware.

You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!

Simply Vintage : From the headboard to the custom upholstered chair to the foot of the bed trunk, this bedroom is dripping with vintage appeal. The pretty floral bed linens add feminine flair, which is echoed by the glitzy chandelier and bedside sconces.

Open Spaces : The white painted walls and ceiling emphasize the height of this sunny bedroom. The four poster and window treatments also draw the eye upward, while a stenciled floor treatment adds subtle interest underfoot.

Electric Dreams : In this bedroom, a look at me color scheme of lime green and robin's egg blue conveys youthful energy. An eclectic mix of furnishings such as the wicker nightstand and trio of bird prints above the headboard creates a relaxed and casual vibe.

The Perfect Accents : Pretty blue draperies frame the windows and add color to this white bedroom. The white-painted floor and the textured bed linens ensure the neutral color scheme looks anything but one note.

White On : The white walls look anything but dull in this bedroom, where strips of paneling add texture and dimension to the neutral scheme. The bed frame and nightstand are also painted white, but the pastel blue bed linens and nightstand accessories provide a hint of color.

What a Pair : A pair of modern style iron beds create a unique juxtaposition to the more rustic, country elements in this shared bedroom. The woven area rug under the beds helps the room feel grounded and adds texture underfoot. The wicker benches at the foot of each bed make a nod to the home's breezy location.

A Beautiful Nest : Aqua walls create a striking style statement in this bedroom. Caramel color accents throughout the space prevent the bold color from looking childlike. Vintage inspired furnishings, such as the weathered bed frame, lend a unique juxtaposition to the trendy geometric-pattern bedding and accessories.

Farmhouse Affinity : Subtle texture on the walls and a matelasse coverlet in this master bedroom make a soft backdrop for bright motifs in an original oil painting and a floral cotton duvet cover. A weathered bench at the foot of the bed is a great catchall.

Fly Away Home : Barely there gray walls emphasize the soaring height of this bedroom's vaulted ceiling. A wood plank ceiling treatment and a solitary ceiling beam made of reclaimed wood also draw the eye upward. The large painting above the bed connects the ceiling to the rest of the room for a more grounded look. Solid gray bedding keeps with the understated, mellow vibe of the room, while striped pillows and burlap bolsters and an orange paisley-print throw dress up the bed.

Dreamy Whites : With a nearly all-white palette, this bedroom is a breath of fresh air. Creamy white walls and draperies keep the space feeling warm. Accents of cool gray and blue add contrast without interrupting the fresh look.

Seaside Chic : A master bedroom evokes a casual feel with a four-poster bed that anchors the room. The iron bed frame is softened with gauzy tab-top curtain panels to add a soft, romantic vibe. Layers of comfy bedding create a nice spot to relax with a book. White wainscoting completes the cottage look.